Camaya Coast

Camaya Coast is a modern tropical vacation home with a beach and a view located in Sitio Wain, Brgy. Biaan Mariveles, Bataan. It will feature the best of seaside living with a variety of water sports and resort facilities. It has a clean shoreline. The water is clean as well. The air is so fresh. The trees are inviting. The mountains are all around you as if so proud to say how magnificent your surroundings are. It was a refreshing serenity to behold. Playing on the sand is so
fun-filled and amusing. Maybe it is not yet a "Boracay", but that's waht attracts me most to the place

This Hidden Paradise is the newest, and perhaps the most exciting destination for local and international tourists. It is located in the Southern tip of the Bataan Peninsula, Some 173 kilometers from Metro Manila.